Styling Tips | Clothes Packing list for Perth

Being a Melbourne girl, the weather here always drives me crazy. As Spring is never truly here , it’s always good to have a week getaway to a place that is a bit warmer. After being wrapped around with heavy wool coats, it’s time to put on dress and chill at the beach! Girls know the struggle of having nothing to wear as well as what clothes to pack to travel. Here I am, to wrap up the pieces I brought with me to Perth and show you the planning process of packing. I will list as much information as I can for the outfits. Hope you find it helpful 🙂

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Makeup | Ren’s Beauty-On-The-Go

I’ve been on a short trip to Sydney last week and decided to share some of my go-to beauty products when I was packing for the trip. What products to pack into your makeup pouch when you have tons of makeups in front of you becomes a problem. Therefore, I’ve picked some of my recent favourites that basically go with every outfit and every occasion.

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Lifestyle | Wardrobe Goes Minimal

“Help! I have nothing to wear!”Girl you know you will always have moment like this even you have hundreds pieces of clothes. Then you’ll just end up with piles of clothes while having a bunch of them are not even being worn once.

The concept of capsule wardrobe is all around the internet and I think it’s very cool but for me personally I don’t think I would go that far like leaving only 10 pieces of clothes in my closet. All I want to achieve is to declutter my closet to a clean and functional wardrobe and no more “nothing to wear” moment. After donating almost a suitcase of clothes, I guess I’ll just share some of the tips I used to declutter my closet in order to make it as minimal as it can be while being practical.

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Ren’s Top Picks | May #aw17

My birthday month is coming to an end and hello June! It’s time to do a favourites post to sum up all my top picks for the previous month including both makeup, skincare as well as hair products and some accessories pieces. Most of them are makeups, an updated day and night skincare routine will be up soon on my blog focusing on the skincare products.

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Lookbook | Autumn Chic

Fall is officially here in Melbourne, it’s the season when people easily get moody. So here I am, going to show you several autumn outfits to brighten up your mood. Keep warm and let’s be chic.

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Life | How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

It’s been so long since my last post back in 2016, as the first post in 2017, I’d like to open up a new channel here based on lifestyle and relationship. I’m always the friend to reach for long distance relationship advice, this makes me consider to write it down and share with anyone who is struggling with long distance relationship.

Here is a bit of information on our relationship for reference, me and my boyfriend started our relationship from 29/04/2012 and it’s been nearly 5 years till now. Our long distance relationship officially began right after 1 year being together and lasted about 2.5 years. Just claiming that both of us live in Australia but different cities with half an hour time difference, i know it’s not like relationships across different countries but it’s still a tough period for both of us. I’ve summed up total of 5 LDR tips based on my own experience and hope these help.

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Whoopee | Ren’s Recent Buy

It’s been such a long time since my last post and of course now it’s time to share those new in babies to you, no more procrastination! So many to buy during sales season aye?

First thing first, below are the cosmetic products newly bought including makeups and skincare. If your skin condition is similar to mine (normal to dry skin), then these skincare products are definitely highly recommended to you.

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A Vintage Dream • Werribee Mansion

Having seen several posts about makeups and outfits, here comes my first travel kinda blog post. As said before, explore never stop living in Melbourne, this is definitely not only about food. Still looking for a weekend getaway but not willing to visit those commonly listed on the travel guide ? Werribee Park would absolutely be the answer, so put it down as your next day trip spot.

The weather in winter here changes instantly, luckily, the day we visited the mansion is just not a rainy day. Mostly cloudy with a bit of sunshine, simply perfect. Get yourself dressed classy, it’s time to feel and experience the old time.

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Makeup | Get Ready To Be The Birthday Queen

May day has already come, my birthday month is finally here so it’s time to get myself ready for the birthday celebration♥

Wake up and make up, make your day as beautiful as you. The following post it all about birthday makeup, standing out among the the crowd being the birthday queen!

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An Occasional Treat For You

One can’t think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. Talking about food, Melbourne won’t let you down whether you are looking for casual dining or fine dining. Living in a fast paced city, slow yourself down a bit sometimes, let’s just sit long, talk much and laugh often. An occasional treat is waiting for you here.

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