An Occasional Treat For You

One can’t think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. Talking about food, Melbourne won’t let you down whether you are looking for casual dining or fine dining. Living in a fast paced city, slow yourself down a bit sometimes, let’s just sit long, talk much and laugh often. An occasional treat is waiting for you here.


Being surrounded by wooden decorations and warm lights, it’s definitely the place to chill after a long day. The simple and modern interior design as well as cutlery is perfectly matched with the cuisine they will be serving. Watching cars and trams passing by would absolutely release your stress and worries from a tiring day.


The Roving Marrow, the name of the restaurant, well explains its dishes. Its menu is completely seasonal featuring quality artisan ingredients and locally sourced meat and seafood, mainly focusing on modern Australian cuisine. Ready for your courses?


Menu of the day 🙂 Any crave in your mind?


Time for some drinks to chill yeah? There is a wide range of wines, but since my body is a bit sensitive to wine, that’s why cocktail would become my preference this time. Having experienced the cake and coffee “a bitter sweet” time, how about a glass of both? A glass of salted caramel martini will definitely please you. Belvedere vodka in it saves you from sweetness overdose, the two tastes are mixed amazingly well.


The night has started 🙂 We chose the sea bounty mussels with cavelo nero and lemon for the entree, as a huge fan of seafood, it would be the best to start the course. Unlike mussels simply with sauce that other restaurants usually provide, the combination of shelled mussels and cavelo nero presents a fresh feel of beach and sea. Also, shelled mussels are better served as entree than original ones since you won’t get messed at the start of the night.


Looking at the main menu, the manuka smoked duck breast caught my attention, together with liver parfait and pomegranate, interesting combination yes? The restaurant has an open kitchen, watching the chef cooking and decorating is like seeing an artwork creation. The plating of food is amazing, presenting a fine product indeed with perfect colour match. The duck breast is well cooked, not too much not too little, that’s the just right taste 🙂 Have a bite of liver parfait with pomegranate, that’s the “must try” experience. Freshness of pomegranate well balances the richness of liver parfait and smoked duck breast, creating a way to my heart through stomach.


Seafood would definitely be another main course, fennel smoked ora king salmon together with pickle and potato is the one. The taste of fresh salmon is quite smooth and won’t be any disappointment for you. The potatoes, unlike smashed ones, they are deep fried into thin strips. Cute plating 🙂


Coming to the dessert time, the ones from this time’s seasonal menu are not that much attractive to us, so one little crepe place is spot on for dessert time! La Petite Creperie, a little shop along the so called “coffee street” in Melbourne (the hardware lane), offers great ranges of crepes.

The warm lights inside the cafe makes you feel home in a chillin weather. Even you choose to sit outside, the little candle warms you.

A range of cold and hot drinks will absolutely satisfy different demands. A mug of hot chocolate with a deer decoration gives you the feel of Christmas. As for me, earl grey tea would always be my first preference when having desserts.

They provide not only crepes for desserts, proper dinner meals like sandwiches including salads is served as well. The photo below is the “La Rémi” — raspberry purée, fresh blueberries, melted chocolate & vanilla ice cream, which would be a must for “berry lovers”.

Are you falling in love with it only by looking at it? One bite of “La Divine” gives you the taste of sweet love along with the classic combinations including fresh strawberries, melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Classics are always the best!

End your night with the sweet aftertaste, that’s what perfection is like.

Oh, one more little “btw”, if you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the nice crepes, then visit the Kiosk that is located on the footpath on the corner of Little Collins and Swanston Street. Being Melbourne’s smallest yet most popular French take away delight, you will get spoiled for sure. Whoopee, it opens until late every day 🙂



















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