Makeup | Get Ready To Be The Birthday Queen

May day has already come, my birthday month is finally here so it’s time to get myself ready for the birthday celebration♥

Wake up and make up, make your day as beautiful as you. The following post it all about birthday makeup, standing out among the the crowd being the birthday queen!

As introduced in my previous post of daily makeup, the moisturising process would be the same as what has been written. So let’s skip the skincare process and go straight to the point.

It’s always important to have a smooth skin, that’s why the very first product would be the concealer. Concealers from Bobbi Brown have been one of its top sellers for quite a long time and they do prove the quality. The product to the left is the corrector (Peach Bisque), the actual colour is shown as below. Some people try to use beige colour to cover the black circles under eyes but it might turn out to be worse. According to my experience, the peach toned colours would be the best for correcting black circles instead of “creamy white” kinda ones.

After correcting your skin tone, then apply some ivory liquid concealer under your eyes and areas for highlighting (triangle area under eyes, forehead and chin). Blend it well using your hand or a brush. Again, this has been introduced previously that concealers could be used as highlighter as well 🙂



Here is the perfect foundation couple for a natural glowing look. If you are looking for light to medium coverage foundation, then luminous silk foundation from Giorgio Armani would become your love. Having a warm yellow-toned skin, I choose #4.5, a yellow-beige colour to perfectly match with my skin colour. Since the liquid foundation is too light with high hydration, apply the glow maximiser from Dior as 1:1 to the foundation in order to enhance the glowing look, creating a healthy and natural skin. Again, use the egg shaped applicator from Dior to well blend the foundation.


I’m sure you don’t want your makeup to be smudged during your birthday celebration, that’s why setting power would be the “must” of your base makeup. The product this time I choose is the Giorgio Armani luminous silk powder #4, a bit brighter than foundation. Both products are moisturising, preventing any dryness till end of the day. Gently apply it together with M.A.C #187 brush, especially at T-zone and eyelids.


Here comes our eyebrow couple, as introduced in the previous post of daily makeup, both products create a natural brown coloured eyebrow in whatever shape you like. One end of the eyebrow pencil from pony effect can tidy up your eyebrow, making it easy to draw shape and clean up in the end as well. Eyebrow mascara from innisfree is the product to make your eyebrow natural matching your hair colour. For a daily makeup, I would suggest to draw a soft and natural shaped eyebrow, but this time, maybe a bit sharp shape will do to emphasise your eyes.


Coming to the point, eye makeup! Maybe one palette is enough for daily makeup, but not for a birthday makeup. No matter whatever makeup you are going to do, eye primer is always the first step to do in order to make eye shadow more pigmented and long-lasting. Unlike daily makeup that apply the light colour first then create gradual change, this time use #1 “dark red-brown” colour together with the #2 (blood orange shimmer with gold micro glitter) as the base and blend it over your double eyelid using M.A.C brush in the following photo. Blend all over your eyelid with #3 “pink brown with micro shimmer” colour using the middle brush from pony effect. Apply #4 “matte blood orange red” colour to enhance the end corner of your eyes, creating a mysterious feel. Finally, put on some gold glitter in the inner eye corner of eyes as well as middle of the eyelid. A smoky kinda eye shadow is done 🙂


In order to match the red eye shadow colour at end corners of your eyes, choose a “wine red” coloured eye liner and extend it creating a little triangle area at the end of eyes. Curl eyelashes and apply brown mascara for both upper and lower eyelashes. Easy done!


For a party occasion, contouring is necessary. This palette from Pony Effect “That Girl” series includes both shading and highlighting, so one is enough. Apply the light brown colour from the palette along the nose using M.A.C brush#286 to create a high nose bridge. Use a large angled shadow brush to shade the edge of face and hairline with the dark brown colour in order to well define your face. (sorry forget to show the large shadow brush). The M.A.C brush #130 could be used as tool for highlighting, blend the beige colour over your T zone and areas under eyes to finish the contouring part.


This Blush (RD 103) from Shiseido is one of my favourite, it matches with either daily makeup or brown smoky makeup. Put on a bit along your cheek and you look just appealing.


Show time for this new in Tom Ford lipstick (#41), this warm sable lipstick appears as a brown colour on the lip. Surprisingly, it brights up my “warm yellow” skin tone creating a elegant look.


Have a look at the girl in the mirror, say happy birthday to the birthday queen ♥ You will definitely become the star of the night.






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