A Vintage Dream • Werribee Mansion

Having seen several posts about makeups and outfits, here comes my first travel kinda blog post. As said before, explore never stop living in Melbourne, this is definitely not only about food. Still looking for a weekend getaway but not willing to visit those commonly listed on the travel guide ? Werribee Park would absolutely be the answer, so put it down as your next day trip spot.

The weather in winter here changes instantly, luckily, the day we visited the mansion is just not a rainy day. Mostly cloudy with a bit of sunshine, simply perfect. Get yourself dressed classy, it’s time to feel and experience the old time.



The 19th century Werribee Mansion, located 30 minutes West of Melbourne, is perfect for those who are not willing to take a long ride. Being an Italianate-styled architecture built in 1877 with Victorian period interiors, this is completely inspiring.  This amazing mansion is surrounded by 10 hectares of formal gardens, which is a geometric garden design best viewed from the mansion balcony.


Though we visited the mansion and rose garden in a freezing cold day during winter, the view is still amazingly breath taking. The old corridor along the mansion side is perfection for photo shooting,  walking along the corridor together with the sunshine, the winter coldness no longer bothers you.



Walking past the main entrance, the mansion appears as a classic mystery with the golden lighting. The rooms along the aisle are well categorised based on their functions, with different colour theme as well. All the decorations as painting and sculptures around the mansion are well addressed with a typical taste of the 19th century.


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Staying in the reading room having a look at the history of the mansion and host family, that’s quite a joy. If you are interested in the vintage clothing, there is one room that is absolutely for you. All the male and female clothing for different seasons is presented in this room together with the introduction by a dressed tour guide.



Except the amazing mansion itself, the exterior gardening design also surprises me. There is a grotto hiding in the backyard of the mansion, which is the best place for shading during summer time and this is also where the ladies in the mansion spent most of their time in summer getting away from the heat wave back then.The little white garden house sit in the geometric garden area would be a cute and sweet place to chill. Bring a book with you, a perfect relaxing afternoon could be spoiled in the backyard of the mansion.

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Talking about gardenn within the mansion, the Victoria state rose garden is the “must” one that definitely worth visiting and wandering around. Do remember the best time to visit the rose garden would be during Spring (around October) seeing all the roses open up with the typical rose scent. Again, we are really lucky enough to see quite a few different coloured roses during such a cold day.


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Being surrounded with beautiful roses and the classic scent, this is the number one choice for wedding photography. Romance is filled with the garden having the one and only standing beside, yes, that’s called “love in the air”.


Needing a bit of break of the day? There is no need to drive far for a spot, a little cafe and a fine dining restaurant is right beside the mansion, offering various range of food. Window seating with the adorable garden view is the best spot to chill and relax with a cup of earl grey tea, bathing in the warm sunshine.



A classic and relaxing getaway comes to an end, stress from work life totally releases out and time to get ready for the whole new and energetic week. 🙂


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