Whoopee | Ren’s Recent Buy

It’s been such a long time since my last post and of course now it’s time to share those new in babies to you, no more procrastination! So many to buy during sales season aye?

First thing first, below are the cosmetic products newly bought including makeups and skincare. If your skin condition is similar to mine (normal to dry skin), then these skincare products are definitely highly recommended to you.



Chanel Le Blanc Intense Foam Cleanser

As mentioned before, hydrating and whitening are the top priorities listed for my skincare. The below cleanser is one of the “must have” products in whitening process and this the third bottle I’ve bought already, you do know how much I love it. The typical Chanel design with the fresh smell provides you with intense whitening in rich and creamy foam texture leaving your skin clean and soft. You do feel the difference after cleansing.

The only concern for my my dry kinda skin type would be the feel of a bit taut afterwards, however as most of the whitening products would draw such effect so personally reckon that is acceptable. In order to ease this kinda feel for dry skin, I would suggest to apply this whitening cleanser 3-4 times a week instead of applying it on a daily basis. Make your whitening goal happen 🙂


Chanel eye shadow palette (Les 4 Ombres)

Being a girl who does “mood driven” kinda shopping, pink became the colour theme when choosing eye shadow this time. The palette for four eye shadows creates a soft texture and an easy application to achieve maximum colour that is consistent and luminous.The four colours comes in a variety of effects, including matte, satiny, iridescent or metallic. This combination does a perfect job in creating both work and party makeup.

The colours could be blend endlessly to define natural, intense, sophisticated or smoky eyes. The sparkled pearl coloured colour at the right corner is basically used to illuminate and give the eyes a wide-open effect. Two pinkish colours are to blend together or apply in contrast, feeling like drinking a sweet pink champagne. The darkest shade is to intensify, sculpt and add depth to the eyes, easily creating a smoky eye makeup.


Chanel Rouge Double INTENSITÉ (coral)

Coral colour is always the “asian-fit” type of colour. The above lipstick well explains “less is more”.All I want is in one little tube. As an asian girl with dry lip, moisturising and long wear  is the must when choosing lip products. This lipstick ticked all my lipstick requirement criteria. It is a multi-functional coral lipstick with one side being a long-wear “liquid” lipstick and the other end is a shiny and comfortable gloss, creating an intense and ultra-long wear makeup. Simply just apply the liquid lipstick first and wait for a few seconds to dry then apply the gloss to add comfort and shine. The beautiful colour won’t drop even when you eat! It’s more likely to be a hydrated lip tint.


Chanel Duo N 1 Les Beige (Healthy glow multi-colour)

It’s always hard to find perfect contouring powder for asian yellow-based skin, it easily gets muddy if the colour tone is not right. However, there’s a no for the above kit. That’s because coral is the key word here again.There are two shades included in the palette creating a sheer and natural finish for contouring or highlighting. Blending the two shades together creates a desert-rose healthy glow. For me personally, I apply the darker colour along the nose while the lighter coral colour is for whole face contouring. Surprisingly, I found the brush from the kit does a great job for nose contouring but it feels a bit difficult to blend evenly for the whole face area.


Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Body Lotion

Most of my skincare and cosmetic products focus on hydrating, no exception for body. Body lotion is  an essential step after everyday shower. As to body lotion, similar to face products, I prefer light silky texture which absorbs quickly to soothe, moisturise and condition my skin creating a light fresh feel of the skin. The fragrance involved is my top pick in the store, white floral blend of summer grasses, wildflowers and orchard fruits gives you the summer feel being far away from the coldness in Melbourne. I’m so obsessed with the fragrance so I changed my current rose hand cream to the summer hill hand therapy as well!



W.Lab White Shine

Having looked at some popular cosmetic products from Korea, I decided to get some based on my current skin condition. This little white bottle works as moisturised primer but you don’t need to use makeup remover for it. Basically it’s more likely to be a cream that adjusts your skin tone and even your skin colour preventing any dullness. It’s perfect when you rush to work or school and there is not enough time for foundation. It can be used as cream itself or as a primer. It can be well mixed with your makeup products afterwards giving you a bight skin look. There must be some time when you don’t feel like any makeup but you wish to have a looking-good skin condition, this bottle definitely helps!


Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalising Mask

The products of sulwhasoo is categorised as medium-high price range with high product quality in Korea. This overnight vitalising mask is an overnight sleeping mask with cream texture minimising redness and irritation while delivering moisture and antioxidants to restore and revitalise skin.  Since it’s the overnight pack, the texture is very thick comparing to other skincare products. However, what surprises me is that the cream absorb relatively fast with only a little bit non-sticky product left on top of my skin.

With a smell of herbs and ginger, I do feel my skin is doing a treatment when applying the mask. There is no need to apply serum or hydration cream before except the time when your skin is at seriously bad condition. Do remember to leave your previous skincare process for about 1-2 hours before you put on your overnight mask. 3 times a week would be ideal regarding to the frequency of applying this product and just simply wash it off next day when you wake up. I realised my skin looks glowy and bright in the mornings after this overnight mask, the natural ingredients do reduce my skin dullness after almost a month.


It’s always nice to be back to the blog to share my lovely collection. More outfits will come in next episode ♥




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