Life | How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

It’s been so long since my last post back in 2016, as the first post in 2017, I’d like to open up a new channel here based on lifestyle and relationship. I’m always the friend to reach for long distance relationship advice, this makes me consider to write it down and share with anyone who is struggling with long distance relationship.

Here is a bit of information on our relationship for reference, me and my boyfriend started our relationship from 29/04/2012 and it’s been nearly 5 years till now. Our long distance relationship officially began right after 1 year being together and lasted about 2.5 years. Just claiming that both of us live in Australia but different cities with half an hour time difference, i know it’s not like relationships across different countries but it’s still a tough period for both of us. I’ve summed up total of 5 LDR tips based on my own experience and hope these help.

♥ “Me Time” vs “Our Time” ♥

First and the most important one is to communicate, whether you are in a LDR or a normal dating this is always the top tip in order to maintain a healthy relationship. You’ve got to share what you have experienced and what bothers you in daily life. Let the other half step into your life and experience what you’ve gone through, feeling like he/she is just always by your side. Having a lot of “me time” in a long distance relationship, “our time” absolutely becomes what you should make effort towards. However, do remember you don’t need to stay tuned 24/7, being too needy sometimes would drive your partner nuts and ruin the relationship. That’s why building a solid relationship base with trust and security is so important especially for a LDR.


♥ Kiss and Make up Before Bed Time ♥

Being in the long distance relationship, me and my partner has agreement on not having any argument stay overnight. Any problem left till the next day would definitely becomes worse so why not letting the day begin with a brand new mood? Talk it though no matter what the problem is, express how you feel and don’t feel shy to let him/her know how you wish to change the situation. Back to the first point, communicating always makes life easier especially when you are not seeing each other every day. Learn to compromise and respect each other finding a balance point between you two would be the perfect solution towards any disagreement. Just like other things, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


♥ Build up Mutual Connections ♥

When being in a relationship, you are not only with the person you are dating, you are also with the social network he/she is involved in. That’s why it’s so necessary to introduce your friends to the other half. A relationship being known to all of your friends is the most blissful thing to have. Friends always help whenever there is any miscommunication between the couples. By expanding your mutual social network,  you get to know his/her life better which helps your long distance relationship stay connected.

♥ Seeing is Caring ♥

Although Facetime makes LDR a lot easier, seeing each other in person makes so much difference for a tough long distance relationship. We were both university students back then when we were in LDR, which gave us the opportunities to meet every 3 months when there was a term break. Planning a trip together is always exciting, counting days down of meeting each other is always the most wonderful thing to do. Having one or two weeks staying together, you can plan whatever you both want to do but can’t because of the long distance. Spending time together doing even ordinary things like watching movie and cooking together would become so sweet for a couple in LDR. A bit of extra here, remember to plan your next trip when the holiday is over, which definitely makes both of you have something to look forward to. 🙂


♥ The Unexpected Moment is Always Sweeter ♥

I’m the kinda person who likes to record everything and remember every important dates we’ve gone through in our relationship. We tried very hard to spend every anniversary and birthday together. If it’s unfortunately at the bad timing, we would definitely send our best wishes and love by post. Whenever you walk pass seeing something that he/she loves, just buy and post even it’s not a big day. Who doesn’t love surprises?


Being separated for 2.5 years, we finally made it together and settled down in Melbourne. After walking through such a tough period, we have developed a much stronger belief in our relationship believing that nothing would stop us as we have already conquered such a difficult challenge. I truly hope anyone in a LDR can find his/her way to make it work. xx

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