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“Help! I have nothing to wear!”Girl you know you will always have moment like this even you have hundreds pieces of clothes. Then you’ll just end up with piles of clothes while having a bunch of them are not even being worn once.

The concept of capsule wardrobe is all around the internet and I think it’s very cool but for me personally I don’t think I would go that far like leaving only 10 pieces of clothes in my closet. All I want to achieve is to declutter my closet to a clean and functional wardrobe and no more “nothing to wear” moment. After donating almost a suitcase of clothes, I guess I’ll just share some of the tips I used to declutter my closet in order to make it as minimal as it can be while being practical.

  • Clearly Know What Is Your Style


The very first step is to be aware what is your style or what style you would be perfectly fit in. For me personally, I’m more into an edgy but classic chic style. Talking about style, colour would be the base of your style. I used to be completely obsessed with all black outfits until I realise the total black look makes me look tired and dull and doesn’t make me look cute. Recently I started to transfer majority of my black tops into white/cream ones, which definitely makes me look younger and brightens up my skin tone! I’m so glad I found the colour theme of me.The three photos above are the recent looks I created and you can see clearly that cream white is always the base colour. Moving on to style, being edgy and classy at the same time needs a combination of basics and statement pieces. Now I have a clear image of what I’ll need to style myself.

  • Good Quality Matters

We all have the time when we used to buy clothes from those “fast fashion” brands targeting group with limited budget. Actually we are still doing it now. However, not all those brands out in the market are quality guaranteed. There are always pieces that are not going to last a long period. Throw these pieces into the “bye-bye” pile. Trust me, crumbled or yellowed clothes definitely won’t make a cute outfit day. Say bye to these clothes with no hesitation girls!!

  • Maybe A Second Shot

Next, set a “‘maybe” pile for your wardrobe declutter process. This pile is for those clothes that is looking pretty good but you are not wearing them often and you are not sure if they still fit the style you are going for. Then give them a second shot, if they don’t go well with your style then move the pieces into the “bye-bye” pile. Here I’ve got a little tip for assessing if the piece is gonna stay or go. There is no doubt that the piece will be trashed if it is not fit for your style, the next step further is to see if this piece can pair with other pieces creating at least 3 looks. Keep it if it ticks the above two criteria, otherwise, donate or trash it.

  • Be A Rational Shopper

After a decluttering process, now it’s time to list what else you need for the style you are creating. Following the above criteria as “quality” and “3 ways of styling” when coming to shopping always helps to get the perfect piece without over buying. Here I’ll give you a brief but specific example based on my past experience.

The style I’m going for: Classic elegance, Edgy

Base colour: White / Cream white

Other main colour: Black / Dark blue / Caramel brown / Grey

Pop colour: Rose/Indie Pink / Gold

Type of clothes (Tops): Shirts with detailing  / Simple statement T-shirts / Long Cardigan / Medium-neck Sweater / Trench coat / Blazer / Figure-flattering tailored overcoat

Type of clothes (bottoms): Skinny black pants / Cropped skinny jeans / Wide-legged pants / Jumpsuit / Jodhpurs pants / Patterned shorts

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

The above is a brief summary of what’s in my wardrobe. Just simply make a list like what I did above to see what you have and what you need to buy according to the criteria mentioned previously.

When coming to minimalism, “less is more” is always the principle. The trick is to be smart and know how to style the pieces you already have to create a whole new look. Identify your style, shop the ones worth investing and create your looks.

Hope this kinda styling and organising post will provide you with some inspirations. Also I’ll be posting my looks on Instagram and you are more than welcomed to check it out.  X.O.X.O

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