Makeup | 10 Mins to Makes a Glam Morning

Every girl dreams about a perfect dressing room and a makeup table with adorable decorations. Imagine yourself sitting on the chair doing your daily makeup together with the morning light. A glam day starts from here 🙂

Yea, back to the reality. In the morning, there is a huge difference between 6:00 and 6:05. Here comes the question, how we can be glamorous while having fully charged energy? To be simple, girls, the following is all about how to do a quick daily makeup in the rush morning.

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It’s Dessert O’clock

Living in Melbourne, a city having the best cafes, explore never stops.

Having said how important lipsticks are in my last post from the makeups section, now it’s time to ruin a bit I guess? I believe you would not say no after you visit the little cafe spot that I am going to write about.

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Live Love and Lipsticks

A quote says every woman needs a man who will ruin her lipsticks not her mascara, see, most women just can’t do with the lipsticks. They are way more important than you would expect. Also the study presented by Manchester University observed that men stared at women’s lips for the first 10 seconds before they moved to other parts of female landscape. See, having a perfect lipstick is a must for women.

As a girl who is totally obsessed with lipsticks, here are some favourites and new in ones that I would like to recommend to you, as categorised by colour bases.

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